About Kim

Kim and her husband Tim have been married 27 years and raised their 6 children

(ranging in age from 13-26) together,

while enjoying life in upstate NY.

tim and kim my favorite kids

Kim has been a licensed group family childcare provider since 2004.

Her love for children has suited her well for this business.

Kim is a person who loves God, her family, her children and art.

She has a terrific staff of loving assistants who all receive ongoing training in:

nutrition, child development, program development, health and safety,

and detection and prevention of child abuse and maltreatment.

Kim is CPR and First Aid certified as well as maintaining ongoing training in the 5 categories listed above.

Kim loves being the “light, laser and fog girl” for her husbands band Chrunchenstein.

She also enjoys going for long Motorcycle rides with her husband on their Harleys.

Kim rarely advertises for Bright Beginnings, as her clients

give kind word of mouth advertising, but (alas) children do grow-up and go off to school and parents change jobs from time to time,

so positions will be posted here on a first come first serve basis, when available.

If you are interested in past or present references, just ask.

Tim and kim1

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