Daily Schedule

As you can imagine, each day is different, but this is an example of an average day in our daycare.

6:00-9:30 Breakfast served upon arrival/free play

8:25 School agers go to the bus

10:00-10:45 Outdoor play (weather permitting)

10:45-10:50 Wash hands/diaper changes/go potty

11:00 Eat Lunch

11:30 PM Pre-K kids to the Bus

11:30 AM pre-K kids wash hands and have lunch

11:30 Quiet time

2:00 As children awake, diaper changed/ hands washed, snack is served

2:30-4:45ishOutside play (weather permitting)

3:30-3:45 School agers come back/wash and have snack then out to play

5:15 Clean-up lights out