Program of Activities

Download BBs Program ofActivities

We provide a wide rage of large motor and small motor activities daily. Our teachers are committed to nurturing the cognitive and social development of your child. Here are some of the ways we play and learn.

Quiet Play- Pillow area, with dolls and books makes a great place to play quietly

Imaginative Play- The Doll house, Tree house & Western town are wonderful places to let your imagination go.

Home and Community- Our kitchen area will create a love of cooking that will last a life time!

Reading- We love books! We read & re-read often! Check out our selection of books, great stories, stay and read one to the children.

Math- Did you know color and shape learning as well as counting are wonderful early math skills? Check out our Math toys.

Music- We love to sing and dance and make music. We hear many genres, jazz, pop, kids, western, classical, Christian and many more. We also have a box of instruments filled with rain sticks, tambourines, and many other fun noise makers!

Art- Play dough, clay, markers, chalk and paint will keep those imaginations busy!

Babies- A wide range of suck on shake about and explore toys will help your babies develop their wonderfully curious minds. We hug all our little ones lots! We teach walking, talking, loving, forgiving, kindness and sharing ever day.

Small Motor- Puzzles, Legos, Duplos, dinosaurs, wooden blocks and poly pockets allow age appropriate play developing concentration and exploration.

Large Motor- We like to run, run, run and shake our sillies out, just ask children about “Monkey #9”. We also love our riding toys, and outdoor play. We take many walks when the weather permits (just around the yard) but in our walks we look for monkeys and tigers in the jungle and panda bears in the bamboo, and monkeys in the apple trees!

School Agers- They have there own big kid toys above the lockers, we have big kid books and game boys are allowed for quiet play as well as extended out door play when developmentally appropriate.